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Adlabs Media Network - maximum reach
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AdLabs Media Network is the leading content advertising network that offers massive reach and advanced targeting capabilities.

17 000 000 unique visitors per day (source: LiveInternet).
22 000 Publishers in our network.
1 900 000 000 ad unit impressions per week.

AMN is a general-purpose network, but it has two key applications:

  • Content promotion. Drive traffic to your content. Use post-click analysis to decrease bounce rate and increase depth of view. Pay per click.
  • Lead generation. If you want your visitors to register on your site or submit a form, you can automatically optimize you campaign to get maximum conversions. Pay per action.

For e-commerce and retargeting solutions, please visit AdLabs Retail. For mobile - AdLabs Mobile. For video - AdLabs Video.

Clicks starting from $0.01.
Pay by clicks or actions.
Our clients
  • and more than 5 000 other premium advertisers.
Our publishers
  • and more than 20 000 other sites and mobile apps