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Adlabs Media Network - maximum reach
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Advertiser's Tools
  • Maximizing user engagement

    Our goal is not just to deliver click volume, but to ensure maximum user engagement with advertiser’s content. We leverage behavior data to match ads to users’ interests and use post-click analysis to optimize campaigns in real-time.

    • Decreased bounce %
    • Increased depth of visit,
    • Increased session time,
    • Increased return rate.
  • Mass lead generation

    AdLabs Media Network enables cost-per-action traffic buying for advertisers interested in lead generation.

    A simple integration using post-back URL or Javascript-tracker is required.

    Most suitable for:
    • Games, Online services, Opinion polls
    • Any projects with simple registration forms

    For e-commerce solutions, please visit AdLabs Retail.

  • Advanced analytics

    AdLabs Media Network offers detailed and real-time reporting on all aspects of traffic: sources, geography, time distribution and others.

    Post-click data such as visit depth is available to those client who install our light-weight tracking pixel.

    AdLaba Media Network works well with all major web analytics systems (Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrics, Liveinternet and others). Using off-the-shelf integrations you can pass all necessary information to an external service to consolidate campaign data.

  • Versatile ad formats

    AdLabs Media Network supports both content and banner ad formats.

    Banner formats can be shown both in our network and in partner networks thanks to real-time bidding integrations. This ensures maximum reach for our clients.

    Content format

    Our content ads consist of a 320х320 picture and a title (up to 75 symbols in legth).


    The network supports flash, image (gif/png/jpg) and HTML banners.

    Banner sizes:
    • 240х400
    • 728х90
    • 160х600
    • 300х250
    • 970х90
    • 468х60
    • 180х150
    • 300х600
    • 250х250
    • 336х280
    • 320x50
    • 728x1024
    • 320x50
    • 728x1024
    Banner example:
    Content ad example:

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