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High CPM
and engaging ads
Adlabs Media Network is the Russia's
leading content advertising network.

Adlabs Media Network is the leading content-style ad network in Russia. We work with premium advertisers in order to deliver relevant and engaging ads that deliver high CTRs and maximize you yield.

We make payments two times a month with no delays, ever.
  • Fully customisable ad units and lots of smart tools to increase yields.
  • Top advertisers with pre-moderated adverts.
  • We carefully categorize all ads into dozens of content categories, so that our publishers have full control over what is shown on their site.
  • Our algorithms take into account users' behaviour and interests to deliver the most relevant ads.
  • Special offers for sites with more than 50 000 daily visitors.
For big publishers
  • Individual conditions and a personal account manager
  • Pre-paid ad placements
Our clients
  • and more than 5 000 other premium advertisers.
Our publishers
  • and more than 20 000 other sites and mobile apps