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High CPM
and engaging ads
Adlabs Media Network is the Russia's
leading content advertising network.
  • Content-style ads

    Content ads consist of a title and a picture. They look very natural on any site with news or articles. This is why, when placed along side with content, they have much higher CTR and yields than conventional ads.

    • Title: up to 75 symbols
    • Picture: 320x320 pixels

    Our ad units are fully customizable. You as a publisher you can control every aspect of design: colors, font size, picture size, borders and so on. One ad unit can contain from 1 to 16 adverts. It can be vertical, horizontal or rectangular, - so it can fit any site. Our publishers also take advantage of our automatic A/B design testing functionality.

  • A/B design testing

    Every site is different, and every site needs different ad designs to achieve maximum efficiency in monetization. Sometimes it is hard to find such a perfect match, but not with our A/B testing functionality.

    Ad unit A/B testing allows you to create up to 10 design versions of an ad unit. The system will automatically test all of them, provide you with a detailed performance report and deactivate sub-optimal designs.

    You can play with every aspect of design: number of ads, size of pictures and fonts, background color, border width and so on.
    At the start of the test each design version will get equal share of impressions. When there is enough data, the system redistributes impressions, and in the end the most efficient design wins.

  • Display ads

    Along with content ads, AdLabs Media Network supports display ads (banners). By mixing both formats we can achieve maximum profitability for every impression.

    Banner formats:
    • 240х400
    • 728х90
    • 160х600
    • 300х250
    • 970х90
    • 468х60
    • 180х150
    • 300х600
    • 250х250
    • 336х280
    • 320x50
    • 728x1024
  • Slider

    Slider is an ad unit that appears on the edge of the browser windows after user scrolls down the page.

    You can control the position of the Slider and the amount of scroll user needs to do before the ad unit slides in.

    Targeted Slider is the same format, but shown only to users who are specifically targeted by our advertisers (using retargeting and other behavioural techniques). The ads of Targeted Slider are always personalised and tailored to the user. CPM of these impressions is up to 500% higher than usual.

  • Mobile ad unit

    Mobile ad unit maintains its position at the edge of the mobile browser.

    You can choose to position the mobile ad unit either at the top or at the bottom of the browser.

    This ad unit is only shown to mobile users and is optimised for all major smartphone platforms.

  • In-video content ads

    In-video content ads allow you to monetize you video content. With easy XML-based integration you can start earning additional revenue using your video player.

    As an alternative, you can use a video player from our partners, Our systems are fully integrated and you can start showing our ads in Uppod player with a single click.

  • Content pop-under

    Content pop-under is an additional browser window full of top content that opens below your site. It does not take any ad space on the page and still provides you with additional revenue.

    • Content pop-under does not take any ad space on your site and can be easily closed by the user
    • High CTR and CPM
    • Non-intrusive compared to pop-up windows and interstitial ads
    • All ads are shown in a separate browser window, so the user's interaction with your site in not disturbed at any time
    • You can control how often you want to show the pop-under to a user. The default is once per 24 hours.
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